Why being present is crucial to success

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We’ve all heard about being present, but did you know it also negates the past from affecting your present? Our body runs on childhood beliefs that stem from situations that we came here to learn from. The emotion gets locked in our body and then runs us until we have the courage to heal it. When we go through challenges as adults, those patterns get triggered and we may find ourselves, for example, stressed over a current situation we are going through. We think it makes sense so we just assume it’s natural to feel stressed, but what if I told you it’s possible to go through anything with complete trust and faith that we transcend those past stories and actually run on a vibration that attracts the life we are wanting! Being present calms those past stories. We move out of the mind which is chatting on about the story from the past and the challenge we are going through, and we bring ourselves into the moment and the body responds. In the moment we are smelling a flower, cooking or whatever it is you are doing, we do this with complete attention and when we do this long enough, our body calms, and then we can think thoughts that serve us, something that makes us laugh and the body responds to that instead. We are training our mind and our body in a way that supports us.

In the present, we don’t need those past stories, we don’t need our fears of the future, all we need is within us. Be present, calm the body then state your intention and think about the joy of what you want to have happen. The future isn’t written yet, even so we find ourselves getting stressed about situations and imagining the worst. Again in may make sense but it hasn’t happened yet so if we stop ourselves from thinking the worse and realise it is equally as possible to imagine the best then we give ourselves the opportunity to manifest the outcome we truly desire.  The brain loves to use the past as a reference point, but anchoring into that will only cause us to design more of the same. The goal is to transcend the past to design a life we truly desire. In business, this means moving in flow and harmony with life with clients, staying in touch with the higher self where messages from our spirit are downloaded to guide us. It means taking steps that are not already known, to create each step as we build. It’s a place that the mind doesn’t like because it isn’t in charge. It’s a place that the mind learns to be supportive to our goals, where we realise we are a divine being and there are no fears to the future because we know we are the ones designing it. It’s a place where challenges are known as part of the journey, rather than something to fear, to help us grow and evolve to reach those goals and where joy is an ever-present companion.

So stay present, as often as you can until it becomes natural. Every moment is precious, live it completely and with gratitude and design a life you love.



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