Beliefs that support an empowered mindset

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The word empowered is used quite often to express being in charge but really, lets lay it all out. Everyone is in charge of their life at different times, it all comes down to how you navigate the challenges that life invariably hands you and your definition of it.  I used to think it meant I was tough enough to take charge of anything, to handle anything and feel super strong! I was young as you can tell by that wording, lol, needless to say, this wasn’t right. All this did was give me headaches as I tried to live as a dysfunctional Aries gal and ram life head on.

Handling life comes down to our belief systems, our psychology, our background and our health and how we learn new information and change. Life triggers us in order to help us change the subconscious belief systems, which for most people, makes it hard to know what to do. It all comes down to what we believe to be true and what to change those beliefs to in a way that will help us move forward. To help I’ve listed below beliefs and truths to help you.

-There is always a solution.

Yes there always is. It may take awhile to present itself, it may come in a form that you didn’t expect but there really is always a solution.

-Be present and ask questions within. Stay present so you will hear the answer.

All the answers are within, everything you have ever experienced and the subsequent beliefs and emotions and stories are all within. This means if you can ask what you want to know and be present, I guarantee you will get the answer.

-Don’t make decisions from your emotions. Emotionally driven decision are never empowering ones. Give yourself a minute away, breathe and then continue with the situation or revisit it later and relay your communication then.


Every story from the experiences you had growing up has an emotion and this is the core reason change is so hard. Know that when someone or something causes you to feel an emotion it’s because it is already inside you and it has triggered that story. If you tune in you will feel it in a certain part of your body. Know it’s the younger version of you and selflove is needed to move forward.

-Be wise as to who you tell your celebrations and life with.

Not everyone will support you. It may be something karmic for you to experience, it may be that they are unable to work through or unwilling to work through their own emotions. Honor your wisdom

Validate yourself! Learn to be your own cheer squad.

-Be mindful of what information you let into your mind.

Everything around us, environmental and the people we hang out with, all affect our growth and evolution. Take charge where you can, stay off screens and scrolling and aim to live your life to the fullest and understand what that actually means. This means adopting habits like journalling and meditation and listening to how you feel in different situations and letting go of what no longer serves you.

-Learn to love yourself unconditionally.

This means learning how to handle your mind so your mind doesn’t handle you. This will enhance your health in the now and in the years to come. Aging gracefully comes from here.

-Forgive your past. It’s not called evolving for nothing. You only knew what you knew.

Take time out to play. This will help you reach your goals. We all have an inner child, nurture her. As she heals, so will you.

Exercise regularly in a way that aligns with your values.

Not everyone needs or wants to go to the gym. There are many choices. Your body will thrive on whats right for you. Every exercise has a vibration so it’s important you choose the right exercise to take your health to a higher level.

-Look at your triggers. They are there to help you clear what no longer serves you.

-Eating right for your body will support you to feel in charge of yourself. This will empower you to make better choices. Unhealthy eating can cause an imbalance which manifests as ill health and emotional upheaval.

-Say something positive to yourself every morning. Start the day off loving yourself. This begins to develop a positive self image and self love to evolve you to another level.



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