Why a flexible morning routine is important

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How we start the morning is how we begin our day. It sets us up for the day ahead, so what we do is super important.
If you are used to getting up and getting on with life without stopping and preparing anything, then you are making it hard on yourself to design your best day.

I never used to have a morning routine except when I went to the gym. As much as thats important, the way we start our day requires a lot more than this if we want to live an intentionally designed life.

It’s not about not having anything go wrong but instead about living consciously in a way that scales our life and supports us to master our day.

As a consequence of this understanding, I now have an integrated framework that supports that to start my day. Habits that I build on to master my life.
– waking up and feeling happy
– mindset work such as taking charge of what my mind is saying, learning to observe it rather than falling into it.-mat work. I love yoga and stretches to support a flexible mind and body
– meditation
– eating healthy. This means eating foods that are sustaining and that works with my body
– being present.
– choosing my wow words to show up intentionally. This raises my vibration and activates my inner alignment
– gym or walking (I sometimes do this in the evening)

The best thing about a morning routine is flexibility. We all run on programs and patterns we set up or took from our parents. If we set down a routine that we follow no matter what, then all we are doing is setting down another program. Moving with the flow is crucial. The mindset work is a foundational toolset that I always use but the rest is maleable. I may get up, put on some 432hz music which is a healthy frequency music, and then move to my blending desk and create a new perfume or refill my hand soap. This activity feels amazing to me and makes my morning just as empowering as the above routine does.


If I wake up and my neck is out for example, I will sit on my mat for longer, play the above frequency music, slowly inhale my fave essential oil, and empty my mind as I gradually move my neck back into place. Yes we are all healers and I am able to do this and I have successfully taught others how to as well. I then hold a series of stretches to help release the stuck chi. So as you can see, flexible morning routines are important. Either way, we all have choices as to how we deal with our day.

Develop your own morning routine and observe how it changes your day. It’s worth the time to change past habits for ones that empower us.



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