Don’t overlook these elements when creating your morning routine

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If you are used to getting up and getting on with life without stopping and preparing anything, then you are may not realise that you havn’t yet begun to design your own day and conscious creation has not yet begun.


Until we learn otherwise, the morning becomes whatever it is, meaning no conscious thought process, just  thinking the thoughts that we don’t make any decisions about, we just believe it is so. We just move through the morning without making any decisions about what is working and what isn’t. We think that whatever we feel and the thought we think are true. Then we wonder why we have good days and bad days and why we start work feeling frazzled or tired. Sometimes of course, those feelings are warranted, the truth is though, having been at that end of the scale, there is a lot we can do to make a difference. Until we begin to understand about conscious creating and we start to develop new habits and realise we are the manifesters of our life and we gradually step into a life that brings us alive to so much more.

Nowadays, there are many people we can listen to to help us awaken to a new life. Usually this comes about through an interest in personal growth due to awakened desire or suffering where we have had enough. Just like Julian in ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ by Robin Sharma, we realise that life isn’t turning out to have the happiness we thought and we begin to ask ourselves questions which taps into new energies, new thought patterns and new paths that take us in a new direction. For me this came about due to suffering and a desire to live my life more naturally. That meant letting my body speak rather than popping pan pills, looking for more natural ways to handle pain and changing my diet. I was amazed at the results and the pathway that opened up and the people I met and the business that unfolded. So let’s unpack a few of them here.

It starts with how we wake up. Those first few moments before we are fully awake is the best time to have a conscious thought. A thought that brings a smile to your face and causes you to jump out of bed, excited to begin the day. The mind automatically goes back to problems, either past or future, neither of which serve us. So step one, think a thought that lights you up. Don’t accept what the mind thinks as a truth.


Mirror work. What do you say to yourself when you see yourself in the mirror. Starting with a hello beautiful will surely bring a smile to your face, if not just because it feels a little silly. It did for me. I laughed at myself which lightened my mood and had me smiling. Try it, you will be surprised at what a simple thing like that can do. It will also help you age well. What we think about ourself is who we become.


Next, no screens for the first hour. Being on devices aligns brain waves to whatever you are watching so if you want to live beyond your past, don’t start the day off with screens. Whatever you watch can trigger the past which keeps you aligned from there rather than creating a life beyond that and when we want to live a different life, we want to create into the unknown. Since we are all connected, there are shares online that have connections into lives we have lived before or express thoughts that anchor us into situations of our past and we wonder why we are thinking about that past sad event…Could it be because of the scrolling? Those triggers keep us operating in past habits and anchored into beliefs, some of which we want to move from. Studies have shown that we also lose 30% productivity and who doesn’t want more time? We are also jumping into other peoples lives which means we are not in our own. Have you ever seen on socials the people that share how their life changed by staying off socials for a month or longer?  To my chagrin, Ive done this. So from first hand experience I can tell you, it’s like finding yourself again and that changes everything. Time is precious, why give it to someone else’s story instead of your own and create a life the same as someone else’s when we all unique and have something remarkable to share.

The most important thing about a morning routine is flexibility. I’ve stopped the steps after those 2 because after that, it depends on a few things. If you love working out in the morning then that may be your next step. If you wake up in pain, as I was once, then your next step may be a stretching routine. If you are going through a breakup, your next step will be different again. A flexible mind means having a flexile body, these 2 are linked. So rather than have a rigid routine that you think is the only way to attain great health, I’m asking you to think again. When I changed mine it changed everything. I learnt to understand my body and began to ask questions and seek out people to help me move through stages that were uncomfortable as my body healed from the many years of medications it had been on. It was beautiful and hard all at the same time. As a consequence of this understanding, I now have an integrated framework that supports me to start my day. Habits that I build on to master my life. A morning routine that changes as I evolve to support whatever Im going through or whatever environmental threats I may be dealing with.

– waking up and feeling happy. This is a mindset tool. Decide what to think and how the day is going to go.
– you are always manifesting so saying upon waking, today is going to be a magnificent day (or whatever feels right for you) makes a difference. This is designing consciously.
– meditation. It can be sitting down for a certain amount of time or just being present and feeling the ground under your feet, your breath moving in and out and perhaps walking around the garden. Dont limit this tool. When we think meditation can only happen one way, we deny ourselves the opportunity to discover our own way.
– eating healthy. This means eating foods that are sustaining and that works with your body. Do what feels right rather than the latest trend.
– being present. Feel what you are doing and don’t let your mind wander to do whatever it wants.
– choosing wow words to show up intentionally. This raises your vibration and activates your inner alignment, Integrate how you want to feel and embody those words. Do you want to feel inspired, happy, joyful, funny, it’s up to to choose.
– gym or walking or a home session

The best thing about a morning routine is flexibility. We all run on programs and patterns we set up or took from our parents. If we set down a routine that we follow no matter what, then all we are doing is setting down another program. Moving with the flow is crucial and an important part of the feminine flow. The mindset work is a foundational tool set that I always use but the rest is malleable. I may get up, put on some 432hz music which is a healthy frequency music, (this helped me through the morning pain stage) and then move to my blending desk and create a new perfume or refill my hand soap. This activity feels amazing to me and begins my day with grace and flow.

If I wake up and my neck is out for example, I will sit on my mat for longer, play the above frequency music, slowly inhale my fave essential oil, and empty my mind as I gradually move my neck back into place. Yes we are all healers and sometimes just tuning in with the music or singing bowls can allow the body to realign.  I have successfully taught others how to as well. I then hold a series of stretches to help release the stuck chi. So as you can see, flexible morning routines are important. Either way, we all have choices as to how we deal with our day.

Develop your own morning routine and observe how it changes your day. It’s worth the time to change past habits for ones that empower us.



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