I’m Neve, coach, writer, spiritual guru, wholistic psychology practitioner, essential oil user and lover of living my best life. I have learnt to design my day with an aim to master my life and I have developed all sorts of tools to do this. My mission is to help everyday gals design their best life and live as their empowered best selves. Anything is possible when you have unlimited vision, belief and me on your side! Lets celebrate each other and live our own success story.

Like many typical Aries gals, once things are not right I seek to find out why Its the reason I’m qualified to teach you because I’ve lived through the challenges, found solutions and kept going deeper, determined to uncover why I found life so hard and how to live empowered. and happy and manifest my best life. It’s the best journey I’ve ever been on!

My background learning:

  • Qualified 2 year wholistic psychology course
  • Qualified Life Line practitioner
  • Qualified Journey
  • Practitioner which is a modality that works on the emotional layers within us that
    keep us stuck and cause us physical pain
  • Qualified Hologrqphics Kinetics practitioner.

I am an applications activator of:

  • Emotional Management Therapy
  • Color Therapy
  • Essence Vibration Therapy
  • Plant Medicine
  • Intuitive and Psychic Facilitator
  • Mindset teacher

For the past 10 years I have been personally learning, applying and uncovering the knowledge between who we are as a spiritual being, why we are here, the lessons we came here to learn, uncovering and clearing karmic challenges, and so much more , both for myself and others.
I am a life long learner of the power of self love, uncover the inner empowerment and blueprint of who we really are and clearing whatever is in the way to live a magnificent life. I use magnificent on purpose, it’s a word most of use don’t apply to ourselves, but to really believe completely, that we are magnificent and amazing beings changes our entire reality to so we can live the dreams we truly desire.

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