Aromatherapist and
Mindset practitioner.

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I’m Neve, coach, writer, spiritual guru, wholistic psychology practitioner and Qualified Aromatherapist. I have learnt to design my day with an aim to master my life and I have developed all sorts of tools to do this. My mission is to help women to support their body to heal from their past stories that are affecting their present.  Anything is possible when you have unlimited vision, belief and me on your side! Let’s celebrate each other and live our own success story.



I am a mentor for women who are struggling and want to change their life, to express their internal truth, to live a life by design, to live more inspired in all aspects of their life. 

We are the creators of our own life however the way our mind. is designed and the beliefs, programs and patterns we develop from our childhood prevent many of us from living a life we desire. Merging spiritual tools and practical techniques supports us to dissolve those past stories and create the one that aligns with our souls purpose. 

Who do I Mentor?

1:1 Mentoring

Online mentorship up to 6 months duration which includes ongoing voxer support, and weekly 1:1 coaching/healing sessions

Group Coaching

Coming Soon

Join My Community

Learn to swap to a low tox lifestyle through essential oil to support your body to heal.

In Person Mentorship

For women in Adelaide who prefer in person support. 





Vision Statement

My vision is for women to live from their true essence, to be free to fully express themselves as their true selves, to understand the language of their body, know how to think, what to think and to fully love every parts of themselves. To believe in the power of their own healing abilities and support that process using natural therapies. To learn to transcend their past patterns and programs and live a life that lights them up

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mission Statement

To lead a movement that ripples throughout the world of all women living from their true selves and designing a life that inspires them and as a result to leave a legacy that changes generations.

We are so used to living from the thoughts in our head we miss our own true potential. Once we begin to consciously manifest our day, we discover our true magnificence.



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Essential Oils have changed my health and wellbeing and taught me how impacting it is to be intentional with my self care. As I have made my own blends, perfumes, medicine and diy my life has changed. I now have a healing home, a healing car and a healing lifestyle that I could never have known about had I not embarked upon this natural health journey. If essential oils resonate for you, I would love to invite you to join my beautiful comminity of women who will support your questions and education around learning all the how-to’s of essential oils. You also get access to all the magazines I create as a member of my community as well as the ones created by our Diamond upline. We can become practicising medics, formulators and friends on this journey of healing and supporting our bodies to do what it knows best…


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